Who can take courses at Extension?

Most Faculty of Extension courses are open to all adult learners.

If a course has prerequisites or you must apply to the program as a condition of admission into a course, you will be informed early in the registration process.


Can I take a course even if I’m not interested in enrolling in a program?

  • Yes, we call these registrants our 'General Studies' students

Are international students able to register?

– Full-time ESL studies
– English language training for university admission
– Preparing for graduate studies

– Testing services: iELTS, TOEFL iBT, and more...
– Part-time English classes


Our courses can be taken ‘general studies,’ as 'audit' or ‘for Certificate/Designation/Citation credit’:

Option 1: Take a course as a ‘general studies’ student

  • You will participate in assignments and earn a grade that reflects your efforts and skill level
  • These courses can later be applied to completion of the program
  • Grades earned have no bearing on the University of Alberta GPA

Option 2: Audit a course

Option 3Take courses for Citation/Designation/Citation credit

  • Enrol in one of over 30 programs and complete courses to fulfill the core and elective requirements.
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