What are the tuition costs?

Program tuition consists of course registration fees (varies by course) and an admission application. Application fee is $75 for Faculty of Extension programs (CDN$150 for English Language Programs).

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    Annete Gilbody

    Question: does the U of A extension have senior students? Do they get a reduced rate?

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    U of A Extension Support Admin

    Hi Annete,

    We do have many lifelong learners, but unfortunately, we do not have senior discounts. If you are interested in courses designed for lifelong learners, please visit the Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association's (ELLA) website (http://web.extension.ualberta.ca/extcms/index.php/ella/) for more information.

    Hope this helps,

    U of A Extension Support Admin

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    الشيف جبريل

    Good evening. I hope to help. I want to register in the English language courses at the University of Alberta Department of English language adult education and I am willing to pay all expenses with the knowledge I am currently in Egypt. I work as a general chef for five star restaurants and hotels and I need to master English for functional tasks. Gebril Mansour Ibrahim

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