Why didn’t I get a refund?

A few of the key points of our withdrawal policies (full info):

  • Students who withdraw prior to the Refund Deadline date (five days before the first scheduled class) are eligible for a 100% refund on the registration fee minus a $75 administrative fee. No refund is available after the Refund Deadline date.

  • Withdrawals can be done online in Bear Tracks. Alternatives, completed withdrawal forms can be emailed to extnregistration@ualberta.ca, faxed to 780.492.0627 or delivered in-person to the Student Services office at the Faculty of Extension.

  • Students who transfer their registration fee to a different course are required to do this via the student services office and will be charged a $50 transfer fee. The deadline for a course transfer is five days prior to the start date of your course, except in the case of a 13 week classes (where the transfer deadline is before the third class). Transfer your course by filling out the transfer request form (PDF). Submit the form to the Registration office via
    fax at 780.492.0627 or email toextnregistration@ualberta.ca.


For students who meet the criteria for a refund:

Original payment: credit card

  • refunds are processed in one to three days

Original payment: cash, personal cheque, debit

  • refund is paid by cheque usually seven to 10 days from request, once cheque has cleared the bank
  • students also now have the option to enter banking information online and refunds can be deposited electronically to their bank account within three to five days


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