How will a student be notified of their new CCID?

The CCID and temporary password are e-mailed to all new applicants and first-time course/program registrants, along with instructions on how to activate and use their CCID. 


New CCIDs (with temporary password)

Are new to the University of Alberta or have been issued a new CCID?

You must change the temporary CCID password you’ve been provided with by visiting Until you change this initial password, you will be unable to use your CCID to access the services mentioned above.

Change your temporary password first

As soon as you receive your new CCID activate it: the temporary password must be changed to a permanent password before the account can be used to access either Bear Tracks or your UAlberta email address; changing the password activates your CCID. Note that using your temporary password to access Bear Tracks or email will suspend your system access, and another temporary password will have to be generated and sent to you.

If you have not received your new CCID

The CCID, temporary password, and University of Alberta e-mail address come in an attachment to the email message welcoming students to the University of Alberta. This email may have been marked as SPAM by your email service so please check your SPAM filters first. For further assistance please contact the Extension Student Services Office (ESSO) at (780) 492-3116 or email


Existing CCIDs (not temporary password)

Is your CCID active?

If you've had access to Bear Tracks in the past try signing on now. If you are able to successfully sign-on to the system, your CCID is active.

Unable to log in?

If your attempt to sign-on is unsuccessful or you have forgotten your password, please contact the Extension Student Services Office (ESSO) at (780) 492-3116 or email



The CCID Overview web page provides further information about your CCID.


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