Why do I need a University of Alberta email address and how do I get one?

The University of Alberta uses this address to communicate important information and notices to our students. Access your email inbox to check notices about your studies.

All administrative communications will be sent to your @ualberta.ca email, for example:

  • course work communication and messages from instructors

  • grade notifications (if you have set the notification function in Bear Tracks)

  • other important news and announcements about your program and classes


How to get your own @ualberta.ca email account:

Having registered or applied at the Faculty of Extension, you have been automatically assigned a @ualberta.ca email account.

Within 48-72 hours of your initial registration or application you will be sent an email containing your Campus Computing Identification (CCID) username and password, along with instructions on how to access your @ualberta.ca email account (the account to which all official University of Alberta correspondence will be sent).

As a U of A student, you get complimentary access to Apps@UAlberta – a Google-based service that allows you to access your University e-mail. All you need is your Campus Computing ID and password (change/reset).


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