What is the course withdrawal policy? Can I drop a course and get the registration fee refunded?

1. Registration Fee Refund

Students who withdraw prior to the Refund Deadline date (five days before the course start date) are eligible for a 100% refund on the registration fee minus a $75 administrative fee. No refund is available after the Refund Deadline date.

Withdrawals can be done online in Bear Tracks. Alternatively, completed withdrawal forms can be emailed to extnregistration@ualberta.ca or faxed to 780.492.0627, or in-person at our Student Services Office.


2. Registration Fee Transfer

Students who transfer their registration fee to a different course are required to do this via the Student Services Office (a $75 transfer fee applies).

The deadline for a course transfer is five days prior to the start date of your course. Some exceptions may apply to long-format courses. Transfer your course by filling out the transfer request form (PDF). Submit the form to the Student Services Office via fax at 780.492.0627 or email to extnregistration@ualberta.ca.

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